Financial Support

Our aim at KCM church is to share the love of God in our preaching and teaching and to promote generous giving of our time, resources and talents.

We invite all members and friends of King Charles church to consider Planned Giving. This enables our treasurer to budget more accurately, and if you are a UK taxpayer by donating with Gift Aid, for example , with a basic tax rate at 20% each £10 donated is worth £12-50p to the church.

St Paul encourages Christians to give cheerfully and joyfully. 2 Corinthians ch 9 vs 7,8. If you would like to make a donation to King Charles church, then please send a cheque made payable to “ The PCC of KCM church, Falmouth ” to our PCC sec, please contact Pip Horton, tel 07831-696007 or e mail-

If you would like to complete Gift Aid form or give on a regular basis (ie Planned Giving ) to support KCM church then please contact then please contact Pip Horton as above.