Flowers in the Church

What strikes you as you step from Falmouth’s busy shopping street into the church is how spacious, peaceful, and free from elaborate decoration it is. The flowers on both sides of the Chancel screen compliment beautifully the simplicity of the surroundings.

Who does them?

Flower arrangements in church are created by a group of volunteers. The screen arrangements are done each week by two volunteers – one from the general list and another who is also on the flower arranging committee – usually on Friday or Saturday, whichever is more convenient for those doing the work. The volunteers raise money for flowers by organising coffee mornings and cream teas. There are more flowers in church, and more people will get involved (not just from amongst the flower volunteers but also perhaps from other groups with links to the church) at times of general celebration, like church festivals, and for more private events, like weddings.

Will they arrange flowers for my special occasion?

The flower arrangers can decorate the church for your special occasion. They will work with you to decide what arrangements you want, order the flowers and create the arrangements. They will charge only for the flowers, but a donation to church funds will be gratefully received.

Can I join them?

If you are interested in joining the flower arrangers, you will be welcome whether or not you already have appropriate skills.

Who do I contact?

If you would like to volunteer or to talk about flowers for a special occasion contact Mary Wey on 01326 319820