Items of Interest

There are many interesting objects in the church. Here are a few of them:

A red pennant commemorating the fact that the rector of the church was required by Act of Parliament to hang a red flag on Black Rock at the entrance to the harbour as a warning to shipping. Until 1840 the rector received 6 pence for each ship that entered the harbour.

The oldest memorial in the church dates from 1700 and is to Thomas Corker who lived in High Street Falmouth. The memorial describes his achievements in Gambia.

The carved pedestal of the font dating from the 1750’s.

William Coope who was rector of the church from 1838 to 1870 brought home German carvings on the pulpit from his travels.

Stained glass in the window of the Lady Chapel. William Coope brought this from Italy and commissioned craftsmen to complete the window.

The window above the altar dates from 1913. In the centre is Christ with two angels. The archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are below. To the left is Charles I holding an axe and an orb, with Bishop Juxon who ministered to him on the scaffold, holding a chalice. To the right is Archbishop Laud, executed during the reign of Charles I and Bishop Andrewes an important theologian of the time.

The high-backed pew for Falmouth’s mayor, which used to have a blue and gold canopy.

The carillon of bells

Can I visit the church to look at these things?
Yes, but please read the Visitor Welcome Team page of this site before you come. We also need to explain that the church tower – where the carillon can be found – is out of bounds to most people at the moment for health and safety reasons.