Tapestry Group

When you go into the church you will spot our colourful tapestry kneelers and seat mats. Volunteers have made them. The work has been in progress for many months and is continuing.

Are new members welcome?

New members are welcome, and it is not necessary to have done any stitching before. You can learn the skills from other members.

Where is the work done?

The stitching work is done by the volunteers at home, but once a month everyone gets together for a social meeting at the Church.

Who creates the designs?

The design of the kneeler or seat mat is left usually to the person stitching it, but sometimes the work is being done at the request of someone else. For example, certain kneelers have been made in memory of loved ones, and the details have been agreed first with the family.

Who do I contact?

If you want to join us, please contact Mary Wey on 01326 319820