The Mummers

The Mummers is an amateur theatre group formed in 1940 by a curate at the church.

Where do you perform?

We perform in the church hall on a stage equipped with lighting and curtains rescued by a former rector’s wife from The Odeon Cinema in Falmouth when it made way for Tesco.

Do you want new members?


Who can join?

Although we have close links to the church, anyone can apply to join. You don’t have to be a member of the church. Younger people are especially welcome.

Will I be able to act?

Everyone gets the chance to try out for an acting role, but getting a part is not guaranteed.

What if I don’t want to act?

You can join to help out behind the scenes. In fact all members, including aspiring actors, must be willing to help with all aspects of the group’s activities – props, scenery, teas, and organising social events.

Does it cost anything?

There is a joining fee and an annual membership fee. Both are £10 at the moment. What sort of plays do you perform? Our productions are “light-hearted entertainment”: comedies, mystery thrillers and the occasional period drama. In spring 2010 we performed ‘Glorious!’ by Peter Quilter. Described by The Sunday Times as ‘comedy with a heart’, this play tells the true story of a woman whose singing performances filled concert halls, although she was tone deaf.

How often do you perform?

There are usually two productions each year – in spring and autumn. Rehearsals start 3 months before. ‘Glorious!’ had a run of 4 nights in the theatre at the church hall, into which we can fit 144 people.

Are there social events?

Social events are an important part of our activities. Recently there have been rambles, boat trips, a weekend away, going to the theatre and a treasure hunt. We’ll consider anything. It’s up to the members to say what they think will be fun.

How do I join?

Contact Ann Robson on 01872 865876 –right away!