The Mummers

The King Charles’ Mummers  started in 1940, when a young stage-struck curate called Edward Marsden. produced the first of many plays, called Flummery Worzel.

Before this, there had been occasional dramatic or musical performances in the parish and even entertaining WWII troops with sketches and humorous scenes in Nissen huts with army blankets slung across to form a stage.

Over the years, we have set up shop in a number of places: the old parish hall, the Princess Pavilion and the Polytechnic. Then in 1971 we moved to the present Church Hall on New Street, where there is a fully equipped theatre and a lift for those who cannot manage the stairs.

Over the years, we have produced over 140 plays, with no shortage of talented players in productions ranging from costume drama, murder mysteries, comedies and farce.

Although we have links to the church, anyone can apply to join. You don’t have to be a member of the church. Everyone gets the chance to try out for an acting role but getting a part is not guaranteed. You can join to help out behind the scenes. In fact, all members, including aspiring actors, must be willing to help with all aspects of the group’s activities – props, scenery, refreshments etc.

The annual membership fee is only £10. There are usually two productions each year – in spring and autumn and the rehearsals start 3 months before.

Social events are an important part of our activities. There are always after play parties and a Christmas event.  It is up to the members to to propose what they would like to do. Walks and meals are very well attended.

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If you would like further information please contact :

Liz Martin(Secretary)   01326 211937

Front of House Team May 2018
The Set from “A Bunch of Amateurs” May 2018
King Charles’ Theatre in the Parish Hall New Street